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Our world and its resources are finite. However, increasing demographics and urban densification will require the - rapid - deployment of quality infrastructure, that is developed for adaptability... and cost efficiency!

High Six was founded to offer a fresh methodology to long-standing challenges.

We are dedicated to the design and build of your low-carbon projects.

We drive the resilient construction of tomorrow's community

Our values

Our shared values are at the core of what we do: driving resilient construction to host tomorrow's communities.



We believe in the power of a collaborative ecosystem.

We work with trusted partners and we are open to learn, understand and integrate their solutions and proposals.

We are convinced that this method contributes to greater value creation.



Current working processes are flawed.

Too often it seems due to a lack of pragmatism and transparency.

In order to be build trust with our customers, project teams and and partners, our approach is honest and impartial.



To be a virtuous and responsible actor:

We design buildings that take into consideration the adaptability to change whether it is social, societal, climatic or in uses.

Our design and build practices are infused with circular economy principles.



We are passionate about the human aspect and technological innovation potential of the building industry.

This passion gave birth to great ambitions and strong desire to contribute to the evolution of the industry.

Our customers

From innovative property developers to specialist contractors, they trust us in delivering together.

We Design and Build

We Define and Build

Our design and build services

High Six assists asset managers and property developers from early concept stages through to handover with an holistic approach.

We bring in technical and organisational expertise at the early stages when decisions are required and iterations less costly.

We define, design and build.

Our service packages are adapted to boost performance on residential and office projects managed via direct trade contracts.

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Our team

High Six formed in 2021 to gather expertise on engineered timber solutions, modern methods of construction and project management of all trades.

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projects ranging from €1m to €26m EUR construction cost.


low carbon buildings.

worked in

Countries in Western Europe & North America.
Aubin Balcerzak,
From working on site with his father carpenter to studying wood sciences and technology, Aubin has been surrounded by wood pretty much his whole life.

Since his first encounter with Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) in 2008, he developed a unique expertise in the mass timber building industry with experiences in design, engineering, sales and business development within pioneering and leading companies across Europe.

His strong interest in green building solutions and community places led him to codevelop High Six to bridge the two, to sustainably answer contemporary challenges.

Aubin Balcerzak

Co-Founder & Commercial Director
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Mathieu Lafargue,
Over 7 years in main contracting, Mathieu has developed an in depth understanding of construction processes from tender to handover.

His skillset encompasses design, procurement, contract and site management of all construction trades (especially civil works, façades and MEP).

Exposure to main methods of construction gave him the conviction that the industry needs to embrace ConTech and sustainable resources in order to improve its stagnant productivity and overcome its decarbonisation challenge, which will benefit construction's image and ecosystem as a whole.

Mathieu Lafargue

Co-Founder & OPERATIONS Director
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Max Garcia, High Six
In the past 7 years, Max built an expertise on modular & timber design-build using industrial delivery methods across France, the UK and Canada.

His work in the modular & offsite timber industry cover multi-criteria design management, product development, supply chain integration and building envelope consulting.

His ambition with High Six for the new decade is to unlock the potential of low-carbon construction in productivity, scale, design & functional versatility.

Max Garcia

Co-Founder & Technical Director
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Our ecosystems

High Six is member of innovative and sustainable ecosystems.

If you also believe that durable partnerships bring sustainable solutions...
We are looking forward to hearing about your projects and ambitions.

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"Industrialisation has been powering the behaviors that developed the climate change.
In construction, if carefully managed, it could be this time a vector of salvation."
"The more we use timber products today in our buildings, the more we plant trees for the next generations."
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